How to Keep Your Stamped Concrete Patio Maintained?

Listed below are 4 major steps on how you can effectively clean and maintain your stamped concrete patio. Keep on reading to learn more: 



Cleaning your stamped concrete patio regularly is one of the major factors that can help maintain it. Makin sure that your patio is always clean and debris-free will go a long way when it comes to protecting the sealant and the concrete. 

You should always consider sweeping away foreign contaminants, like twigs, leaves, and dirt, using a broom at least once a week. Moreover, you can feel free to utilize a leaf blower. After that, you must rinse off the patio using the spray attachment and an ordinary garden hose. 

Take note that your patio could sometimes be stained by grease, bird excrement, or food spills. Hence, you need to utilize warm water and dish soap or any gentle cleaner to spot clean the stain. Make sure that the cleaners you use won’t be harming your concrete. Then, thoroughly rinse the patio to prevent any residue buildup. 


The last step involved in your stamped concrete patio installation is sealing. The sealant gives protection from outdoor elements, harsh rays of the sun, and even water. Moreover, it also makes the color look richer and gives the shine that makes it beautiful to look at. Although, its sealant won’t last for a lifetime, hence, you have to get it resealed eventually. 

As much as possible, you should never reseal your patio too frequently. Perhaps it will not need it will not require resealing for approximately one and a half years, and if allowed to accumulate, the various coating layers will change into an unappealing yellow shade sooner or later. It’s highly suggested that you must have your patio resealed every 2-3 years. But, once you observe that your patio’s sealant starts to wear sooner than expected because of heavy foot traffic or severe weather conditions, then you have to neglect this schedule and make sure to reseal it as required. 


You can prolong the life of your stamped concrete patio by restricting its exposure to elements. A canvas or pergola patio helps in protecting the patio from being exposed to the sun, causing it to prolong its life by many years. 

Placing an outdoor rug is no way to keep your patio surface protected from the elements, scratches from moving furniture around, stains, and food spills. 

Ice and snow removal ice and snow can harm the patio itself and wear down the sealant. However, the traditional method of snow and ice removal can be nearly as damaging. Hence, you should only utilize a snowblower or a plastic shovel on your stamped concrete. Otherwise, using a metal-edged shovel or plow can only scratch your patio. Moreover, chemical deicers can be acidic and damaging to your patio’s sealant. You should never use these particularly if the sealant is more susceptible during the first winter after your chosen reputable Louisville construction companies install the concrete patio.